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— Product Case Studies

Logo Magic Money

Magic Money

Leading the Cashless revolution with NFC-powered events and fairs.

Over $75M in transactions processed.

iOS, Android, Clover & Web

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Logo HelloSitter

Hello Sitter

The easiest and best way to find a qualified babysitter.

Serving tens of thousands of babysitters and parents.

iOS & Web

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Muncheez Logo


A marketplace and on-demand delivery platform for the cannabis community.

Raised a $10M Series A.

iOS, Android & Web

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HowuDish Logo


Meet. Eat. Get Paid! Get cash back when you date or meet friends who are food lovers at nearby restaurants!

Featured in Men’s Health, Yahoo and Cheddar.

iOS & Web

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El Dorado Airport

Official app for El Dorado Airport in Bogotá, Colombia–provides flight information, parking availability, and indoor navigation.

Serving 32.5M+ travelers annually.

iOS, Android & Web

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Hyer App Logo by Blue Label Labs


Providing businesses and individuals a secure, easy way to search for, book and manage independent work.

An on-demand labor platform serving Pepsi and Meijer.

iOS, Android, Web

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— Other Select Products

Google's Sidewalk Labs

Delve by Sidewalk Labs (a Google Company)

A generative design tool that helps cities and urban planners to create millions of planning scenarios and identify options that best reflect local priorities.

Sol LeWitt Mobile App by Blue Label Labs

Sol LeWitt (in conjunction with Microsoft)

Explore the life and legacy of this influential 20th century artist via AI and virtual tours.

iOS & Android

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MLB Players App

MLB Players App

The app used by all 1,200 Major League Baseball players to manage their professional careers on and off the field.

iOS & Android

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Valrhona Chocolate App Logo


Valrhona is the world’s most trusted chocolate brand among chefs. The app provides thousands of chefs with guidance, tools and the ability to order equipment and, of course, chocolate.

iOS & Android

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Bloomberg News App Icon

Bloomberg News

We integrated with the Bloomberg team to create the latest version of their flagship Bloomberg News app–serving millions of daily users.

iOS & Android

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Coast to Coast AM App Logo

Coast to Coast AM (by iHeart Media)

This app provides on-demand content, downloadable podcasts, and a 25-year archive of curated paranormal programming for one of the most listened to radio programs in the US.

iOS & Android

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BCG Logo

Your Strategy Needs a Strategy (by BCG)

This game-based learning tool has been used by this top-tier consultancy to train thousands of Fortune 500 executives.

iOS & Web

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JAXJOX by Blue Label Labs


This all-in-one fitness platform has earned the praises of Forbes, Engadget, Mashable and CNET, calling it the “next generation of fitness equipment”. JAXJOX hardware can be found in Apple Stores across the country.

iOS, Android, Web & Apple Watch

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bopdrop music app logo


A social media app that makes sharing music easy. Gaining 60,000 active users within the first 6 months after launch.

Logo Laundry Pay


Thousands use LaundryPay for cashless payments at laundromats, checking washer and dryer availability, and receiving notifications when laundry is done.

iOS, Android & Web

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Tonquin Logo


This on-demand delivery platform allows retailers, dealers, suppliers?and repair facilities to eliminate the expense of fleet?delivery methods–used today by Advance Auto Parts and NAPA.

iOS, Android & Web

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Blue Label Labs' Sugarmate


A new way to manage your diabetes. Sugarmate was acquired by Tandem Diabetes Care.


View Website
inHouse App Logo


Webby Award-winning, members-only, global hospitality program connecting top restaurants & their regulars. Providing reservations, private event booking & city dining guides in NYC and London.

iOS & Web

View Webby
RMA of NY Logo by Blue Label Labs

Reproductive Medicine Associates of New York

An internal tool supporting new patient on-boarding and doctor-patient engagement at the largest regional clinic in the NYC-area.

Hailify by Blue Label Labs Logo


Used by thousands of on-demand rideshare drivers to manage their workflow and work more efficiently across platforms like Uber and Lyft.

Android Tablet

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LastSeat App


Used by thousands of travelers to book the cheapest airline tickets based on last-minute, remnant inventory.

iOS, Android & Web

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Logo Muses


Recently acquired by Braintrust, Muses is a marketplace used by thousands of entrepreneurs, small businesses & creatives to post and find work opportunities.

iOS, Android, Web

View Website
Logo Leaderboards

Battle of the Leaderboards

This social gaming platform gives players of all types and talents the ability to compete and win real cash prizes.

iOS, Android & Web

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Logo Frnd

Friend Health

This on-demand home healthcare platform links top health insurers (like Aetna) with licenced healthcare workers.

iOS & Web

View Website
FliptRx App Logo


This platform provides thousands of employers with a benefits solution that lowers costs by promoting drug price transparency and consumer choice.

iOS, Android & Web

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Carenade Logo


This on-demand home healthcare platform helps seniors and their loved ones to find the right at-home care provider.

RentLion Logo by Blue Label Labs


A platform that simplifies the lives of thousands of landlords, property managers and tenants. It allows tenants to make rent payments; send messages; store documents; and make maintenance requests.

iOS & Web

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WishPoints App by Blue Label Labs


WishPoints is used by thousands to capture wishes, trips and tips and earn travel rewards.


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Syml Lyfe Logo by Blue Label Labs

Syml Lyfe

Welsh for “Simple Life”, this app helps thousands of families and friends create groups and sync calendars to plan everything from carpools to playdates.


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Logo PrompSmart


Used by tens of thousands, this “smart” teleprompter app automatically follows your voice as you speak.

iOS, Android & Web

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dreamOway Logo


Backed by world-renowned philanthropists, dreamOway provides a forum for users to post their dreams and get help to fund them.

iOS & Android

View Website
Logo ShuPlug


Serves as a shoe reselling marketplace for thousands of sneaker-heads.

iOS & Web

View Website
Foodgroup Launch App Icon


The go-to-social media app bringing restaurants and diners together.

iOS & Android

View App
Formations web app by Blue Label Labs Launches


A web app to help businesses thrive, with fewer tax payments, more benefits, and greater peace of mind.

Munera Logo by Blue Label Labs


A platform for modernizing public procurement of goods and services with a focus on planning, purchasing and execution.

TmrO App Logo by Blue Label Labs


A marketplace that helps businesses to discover and connect with creative professionals and helps creatives find work and get paid.

American Associated Pharmacies Logo by Blue Label Labs

American Associated Pharmacies

An eCommerce tool used by over 2,000 affiliated pharmacies to order the pharmaceuticals they need for customers.

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